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Crossroads Percussion was founded for the 2018 competitive WGI season and is recognized by the state of Iowa as a 504 nonprofit corporation.

Crossroads Percussion is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.


Crossroads Indoor is the materialization of a dream to provide access to one of the most rewarding performance opportunities available to the young performer.

Our mission is two-fold.

FIRST - The founding members of Crossroads Indoor have all committed significant portions of their lives to participating in Winter Guard International (WGI), usually at the expense of financial security, balanced lifestyles, and academics. In part, our mission is to allow the same quality of instruction and performance opportunities which we struggled to experience, without requiring young students to travel countless hours to the nearest performing unit.

SECOND - As relatively young instructors in the state of Iowa, our staff and administration strives to learn from successful organizations operating in the state. We will use Crossroads Indoor as a platform to bring together the most passionate educators in the state to make a difference.

ALWAYS - our mission is to provide a healthy, challenging, and consistent educational platform for individuals interested in becoming better players and performers. We achieve this by bringing together one of the most experienced and passionate team of educators, designers, and program coordinators that exists in Iowa; we will provide a stable organizational entity for them to operate within.